Investment Philosophy

Shinhan Asset Management puts the clients’ future ahead of everything else.
We consider the critical principles for our clients’ future first even in terms of investment philosophy.


Investment based on principles
We comply with the clear investment philosophy and processes.
We optimize risk management by rigorously following the investment principles for each fund in consideration of clients’ risk appetite.


Value-oriented investment
Our basic investment strategy is to pick stocks which are undervalued vis-à-vis their intrinsic value.
We pursue stable long-term investment returns.
We refrain from the market timing strategy with short-term dynamic asset allocation.

Systematic Approach

Systematic investment
We aim for systematic and professional investment management through a reasonable investment decision-making process.
We maintain consistency and continuity of investment management through a systematic IM system.
We enhance expertise and efficiency by delegating clear authority and responsibility to the best professionals in each area.

Risk Management

Investment committed to rigorous risk management
We make diversified investments in a rigorous manner.
We established a risk management system which quantifies risks through which investment is monitored in an ongoing manner.
We set up a dedicated organization which is independent to prioritize ex-ante and ex-post risk management so as to promote the sound management of clients’ assets.


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