Investment Strategies

We aim to bring win-win outcomes also for investee companies through progressive long-term management assistance and participation schemes.
Value investment rooted on absolute value of enterprise
We unveil top companies and assets of higher intrinsic value through exhaustive analysis for fruitful investment, rather than being short-sighted relying on market's technical flow or volatility.
Aggressive management support for company value enhancement
We side with client's business administration as we pursue significant minority investment to raise company value. In case of buyout, we use aggressive tactics For participation. Fragile corporate governance and financial structure fix is also intensively addressed.
Management- and market-friendly long-term investment
We focus on investments that can improve a company by using cooperation of the management of the company under a long-range strategic action plan For improvement.
Structure-optimized private investment
We also seek private investments that provide structural optimum under private contracts with sellers, and furnish financial solutions and investment schemes Altogether as required for company reorganization through proactive deal sourcing approach.


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